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Here's a bit of Tips, Tricks, and Etiquette that will not only make your life on the Team9000 Survival server easier, but will also make the world a better place.

World Overview Map

A map containing all homes, player locations, spawn areas, and zones can be found here. Use Chrome or Firefox for best results.

Logging, Trees, and Wood

  • Please replant saplings when you cut down a tree.
  • Please be considerate when planting trees near other people's buildings. How would you feel if a giant tree suddenly popped up in front of your sprite or nice tower?

Damage, Health, and Creepers

  • Creeper explosions are currently disabled, they will not hurt your creations, but they will hurt you!
  • If you die, you will always respawn at spawn
  • Lava will not cause fires.
  • Fire will not spread.
  • Fire will not kill you, however lava will.

Default Player Commands

The following commands are entered in chat. [] denotes text that will change depending on use, do not enter the [] when using the command.

  • /compass (tells current bearing) (Need specific Permission)
  • /tell [playername] (message to the player)
  • @[playername] (message to the player]
  • /money (view current money balance)
  • /money pay [playername your paying] [amount] (sends money to another player)
  • /suicide (kills you, sending you back to the spawn tower)

Towny commands:

/town or /t (General town info) /town here (Info about current town) /town ? (displays commands)