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Historical Page

The Team9000 Minecraft Server is no longer available, but the contents of this page are preserved here for future generations.

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Connecting to the Game

Click here to join Team9000 Classic - That's about it! (Must be logged in to play and key bindings are shown at the bottom)

If you are looking the URL for your bookmarks/WoM client, it's:



Questions, comments, rule discussion, technical problems, ban appeals, and all other inquiries or shenanigans can be posted on the Team9000 Classic Forum


  • No Griefing! Period! You will be permanently banned on your first offense.
  • To each their own, we do not discriminate but please keep your beliefs to yourself.
  • No Hitler Skins or Swastikas. You will be permanently banned on your first offense.
  • No inappropriate builds or skins - including those of sexual organs.
  • No single column towers in any non-guest worlds (except for building purposes).
  • Never touch another's work without their permission.
  • No block spamming or fast block removal (with intent to grief).
  • No bots, macros, or autoclickers for any reason.
  • No advertising.
  • Foul language is allowed, as long it is tasteful. Foul language that is targeted toward others is not.
  • Do not ask for promotions. Instead, please post screenshots of your work to the Promotion Forums
  • Causing unhappiness is a bannable offense. Any event that causes another user to become angry or unhappy (in a non-competitive sense) is not allowed. You may consider this to be a very broad rule, but it helps us to cover any ban cases not specifically listed. Team9000 is not a place for trolls, griefers, or people of an annoying nature, and we will remove any person causing unhappiness -- even if they do not explicitly disobey the above rules.
  • Just be nice!

Ranks and Promotions

To apply for a promotion to Cool or Builder, please >> Post your application here <<

Player Rank Description
guest A brand new player, has limited commands/building places. Also, the main ranking for Griefers.
cool Slightly trusted, has access to the cool worlds + can use the /water and /lava commands.
builder Works in the zone worlds + can use the tp command. After this, you can't just get promotions by building, you must contribute to the community.
legend Retired engineer+ ranks that have since moved on or rarely login.
engineer Has access to the kick command. Can build in Main Underground.
awesome Has their own house in Main + extended ban permissions and cuboid command.
pro Admins the server, and makes promotions. Most of the commands are usable to pros.
epic Maintains the server by generating new worlds, ranking moderators, and closing old worlds. They can also use the /solid command (They're generally always busy).
owner The who's all knows all (Don't ask them for help - they're always busy).


World Name Rank for Building Description
Guest1, Guest2, Guest3... Everyone! Anyone can build in these worlds. They attract many griefers, so please report these baddies as soon as you see them destroying something. Everyone has to start somewhere! BEWARE! Every couple days, a new main Guest world is created, and the old Guest world is renamed to the next in the sequence (such as Guest239). Guest worlds more than two revisions old are locked to all players but epic+ ranks, and can not be built on or updated.
Fun Everyone! This world isn't ever reset, and isn't policed as much. Offensive builds are still banned, but this map is usually a mess. Come here to build random junk. Most rules still apply here!
Cool1, Cool2, Cool3... cool+ These worlds are basically FreeBuild for everyone who isn't a guest. No griefing happens here. OR ELSE...
SpriteBuilder cool+ This world is dedicated to sprite building. Only sprites and other reproductions belong in here.
Zone1, Zone2, Zone3... builder+ These are our large build projects for Builder+ rank. Each zone has a theme, so be sure to only build buildings appropriate for the zone!
Main awesome+ Main is where we all live. Once you achieve awesome status, you can build your own home in the main world, along with everyone else. Nobody should touch anyone else's home. Also, here's a couple extra rules in main:
  • No Deep Tunnels
  • No Single-column tunnels or towers (they look tacky)
  • No Water columns (for entrances to houses or otherwise)
  • All homes must have an entry staircase of at least 2 blocks wide or wider
  • You get one small house, don't go crazy with it
Main Underground engineer+ After achieving "engineer" rank, you have access to build in the Main Underground. The rules for Main apply here aswell.
ProHills epic+ This is where all the Pro VIP builders keep their houses. Look, but don't touch!
Museum, Museum3d builder This is where the completed sprites and creations are kept.
SkyDive Everyone! A short, fun little falling game built by the server admins. Jump off and try to make it through!

Hacked Client

See players flying around the map? Want to join them? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the XWoM Patched Client Pack
  2. Launch run.bat
  3. The XWoM Client will tell you you do not have a copy of minecraft.jar installed. Click "Download".
  4. Add a bookmark:
    • Name: Team9000
    • URL: http://wom.team9000.net/
  5. Click Play!